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A global electricity distributor needed to increase their time to compliance, improve oversight, view real-time data, and gain a full audit of risk processes.

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USC needed us to communicate more easily with their students and staff. Facing disparate systems and a dire need due to COVID-19, ODESSO was able to assist them in creating an application in six weeks.

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White Papers

E-clinical platforms have transformative benefits by combining and orchestrating numerous individual point software systems into a connected single cloud platform. However, using the wrong methodology can lead to additional technical debt and increased data silos.

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IoT is enabling enterprise organizations to leverage a variety of smart data broadcasting devices, sensors, beacons, and proprietary systems for transmitting information between monitoring equipment and monitoring systems. Read how enterprise no code accelerates this process.

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Low Code platforms claim to be "quick and easy to use" or "low cost to entry," but it is often a mirage that can end up costing you both time and money. In this e-book, we explore the three biggest pitfalls of low code software. No email required to read this valuable e-book.

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