Goodbye Low Code,
Hello No-Code

The only language you should need to know to create powerful applications is English. Odesso empowers citizen developers to solve business problems without writing a single line of code. Request your demo today to find out how.
"expertise in the field of digital automation is exemplary..."
"demonstrating an innate ability to synthesize business requirements into system functionality..."

A Trusted Partner to Leading Brands & Organizations

With decades of experience in business process automation and digital transformation, we’ve generated solutions for some of the most iconic brands.

Are you ready to quickly create and deploy without a single line of code?

Request your demo of Odesso to find out how our no-code solution will help you solve your business challenges without the need to hire expensive coders.

With ODESSO, you will be able to

➡   Create applications once and go live on any device - anywhere.

➡   Save money by not having to rely on coders

➡   Transform your organization to be more efficient and stay ahead of the competition

➡   Rapidly enhance, adjust and transform your business in real-time

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Empowering Digital Citizens & Transformation
with Secure Enterprise No Code.
Unite disparate systems and disconnected processes
Deliver operational efficiency and employee productivity that can span systems, departments, and users
Reactive Reporting
Proactively control the trajectory for your business rather than reacting to unforeseen problems
Unify your data
Synchronize and bring together all your data into one place and use it more efficiently
Save precious time and money
Our clients no longer need to spend time hiring expensive coders
Accessible Everywhere
Build an Android, iOS, and web app at once, from one place
Cloud / AppNative
Build secure apps quickly
SENC - One Platform Shared By Everyone
Internal and on the Ground
SENC makes internal controls possible both at departmental and operational levels. Enhance both individual and team productivity, replace manual processes with workflow and process automation, and more reliable real-time reporting.
External Field Operations
SENC is everywhere you need it. Deploy it on secured mobile devices or tablets to support fieldwork operations, or on your desktops in the office.
Accelerate digital transformation
Apply automation to recurring pen and paper tasks and manual processes
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