Centralize data from disparate systems, to enrich insights and optimize workflows

Good customer journeys are grounded in facts, and those facts are founded in data. Often, large volumes of company data aren’t available, leading to unreliable customer experiences. It’s hard for systems to hear each other when there's a wall in between, and for customers to deal with the frustration.

Make your data work for you, not the other way around.

The Odesso Data Aggregator is an adapter that easily connects to individual data sources and unifies company data into a single system of record. Key features include:


Direct connections to Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, AWS, Google Cloud and Azure Databases.

Secure Access

Connections to SFTP based systems for consumption, production and monitoring of files and structures.

Asynchronous Transaction Streams

Ability to consume and produce transactions to messaging services such as Java Message Service, IBM Message Queue and Kafka.

Custom Protocol & Architectural Patterns

Integrations with REST and SOAP interface endpoints.

Intelligent Document Processing

Extraction from non-structured data sources like images, PDFs, Word, Excel and Flat Files using a blend of OCR, NLP and ML into structured data. Read more about our Intelligent Document Processing services here.

Inbox Optimization

Listening to mailboxes and parsing data from emails so that data can be structured and used for operational processes.

Machine Learning & Software Bots

Deploy software robots to read data from stubborn legacy systems where a modern service or direct connection can’t be exposed.

Scalability Features

Data Repository

Once data is sourced, the Data Aggregator can persist it to a repository that is consistent with customers’ master data management policy, security and technology guidelines. Alternatively, we can recommend, install and securitize a repository that best suits the data complexities of our customers.


The Odesso Data Aggregator is designed to be a hot deploy (no downtime required) stand alone installation. Depending on the number of data sources, authentication, access and master data management policies, the installation can take between 1-10 weeks. To get a quote, please contact us today.

Transactional Throttling

Transactional data such as topics from Kafka streams or messaging queues are throttled by the Data Aggregator. It works by slowing transaction processing during peak hours, and accelerating it during off hours. It also implements transaction locking, batching, exception handling and queuing to ensure data integrity is optimal.

Once unified, the Odesso Business Process manager makes sure the data is brought to bear at the point in time when its needed most

Click below to learn more about the Odesso Business Process Manager.

What is BPM?

Don't reinvent the wheel while offering disjoint customer experiences.

Contact us to learn more about the easy to install Odesso Data Aggregator today, and unify your company experience around a common story rooted in facts within weeks.