The first real, Secure Enterprise No-Code [S.E.N.C.], platform. Not familiar with this term? Well, we invented it. ODESSO makes No-Code a reality. Working with low-code in support of our forward-thinking clients, our founders engineered a simpler way to innovate. What could be better than low-code? No-Code.With the SENC platform, people closest and most familiar with the business challenges can quickly create and deploy automation skills to address the immediate business needs with no programming knowledge. The only knowledge needed to start building complex apps for your business needs -- in Simple English. SENC makes it more flexible for today's needs and adapts to tomorrow's opportunities.Welcome to the start of Digital Citizens

Create Once. Go-Live on Any Device, Everywhere

IoT is growing and expanding at exponential rates every day. It’s only natural that different devices are used for different purposes and preferences. Our React-Native framework allows users to build apps for iOS, Android, and web simultaneously in our App Editor.

Compliance and Enforcement

SENC's enterprise-grade platform design actively manages policies/credentials to securely govern identities, and applications resources with multi-factor authentication and encryption of all data, both at-rest, and active in-transit.Connect your tech stacks-bring disparate data-silos togetherRegardless of where your sites and people are, SENC's enterprise integration seamlessly connects to your on-premise, in the Cloud, or hybrid tech stacks, unifying all of your data no matter where it resides.