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Our Mission - Enterprise No Code

Enterprise SaaS is rapidly advancing to find the means to bridge and deliver more connectivity between the systems that run the day-to-day business and the tools for where people work. At Odesso, our purpose is to unleash the tangible importance of Enterprises' ability to create and deliver software, workflows, and process automation to bridge the operational challenges and gaps found traditionally in business, and IT's limitation with its toolset capabilities.

Enterprises are becoming more appreciative of the importance of producing or implementing software that can bridge the gaps between business needs and IT resources. Our platform technology sets a new standard for no code process design and empowering all users across an organization down to the frontline workers to execute and deliver the high-value work from where they are at and with their preferred devices.

We Believe. What Experience Tells Us

We believe that no code platforms are the future. Other software products in the marketplace are built without acknowledging the fact that enterprise environments and data are complex. Systems don't natively integrate. 

We believe frontline employees are the ones with the most knowledge and are closest to the problem or opportunity. Doesn't it just make sense to harness their knowledge to have them solve the issue instead of relying on expensive and scarce developers?

We believe that no-code platforms fit perfectly when unforeseen change often happens, or a sudden market opportunity arises. The challenge is that most no code that software that is available was built for small businesses with integrated systems. They are limited plug-and-play. Where in today's enterprise environment do you find plug-and-play? If it were that simple, organizations would not be looking to outside tools.

We believe the complexity of enterprise organizations needs to be nimble. Unforeseen change often happens in response to regulatory and compliance requirements, a sudden market shift or opportunity arises. Trying to explain the business needs and challenges to coders is an expensive telephone game when critical details often get lost in translation.

We believe there's a better way and we delivered. A platform that takes advantage of our years of experience with enterprise environments that encompasses the most common use cases and systems but supports granular customization to address the uniqueness found today in each enterprise organization.

While working on a complex IT development project supporting the Federal Government, Odesso quickly became a trusted and integral part of the team, demonstrating an innate ability to synthesize business requirements into system functionality and show progress.

Jacob Tepp

Senior Manager, Federal Highway Administration

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