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Apps to build Artificially Intelligent Business Systems

Odesso is software that quickly automates your repetitive business operations. All Odesso apps run natively on Apple, Android and the Web. Customers that use Odesso immediately enjoy a boost in productivity, freedom to work on the go, reduced time to market, improved brand recognition and a drastic reduction in operational costs.

Odesso is uniquely designed to poise your business to become Artificially Intelligent by making it fun and easy for your employees and customers to interact with your business digitally. Studies suggest that the best Artificial Intelligence algorithms will require 5 years of operational business data in order to provide meaningful cognitive self-improving business insights. Odesso organizes your digital operations to be consumed by Artificial Intelligence systems optimally, all while automating repetitive tasks and giving users a delightful mobile experience.

Until now, only companies with millions to spend on digital operations are AI enabled. For example, GM uses AI for its On-Star service, ABB uses AI for manufacturing and H&R Block uses AI to do taxes. Odesso makes Artificial Intelligence affordable for small and medium sized businesses.

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Boost Productivity

Create powerful mobile tools for your customers and business users, delivered globally.

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Streamlined Efficiency

Quickly build and deploy applications that make your business run smoothly.

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Mobile First

Evolve your business to fit into your user's daily experience.

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Odesso's monthly fees scale based upon usage.

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