Automation Skills

Let automation take over. Workflows and process automation doesn’t have to be a monumental task. You zero-in on the high-value and complex functions that add value to your business and let the SENC platform manage the rest.

Versatility and Function

ODESSO's foundation is deeply rooted in business process management solutions. So when we decided to invent no-code solutions with simple English, we knew precisely which tasks skills areas to address and how to improve them. Here are a few examples of automation skills readily deployed on SENC.


Collect information from your internal team or external parties. Efficiently manage the data and put it to use for further productive implications.

Case Management

Build a case management center that works for you. We specialize in solutions that offer seamless transitions between the various phases.

COVID-19 Workplace Safety

Crisis response systems are crucial to keeping businesses afloat during uncertainty. Our workplace safety solutions keep businesses proactive, allowing them to continue productivity.

Virtual Engagement

Effectively engage in remote collaboration. Our remote engagement skill enhances connectivity and convenience of engaging with target audiences using the most comfortable devices.

Field Operations

Data collected from off-site work should be easily accessible to everyone - everywhere - in-real time. Using this skill in SENC, users can swiftly customize field operation skills to integrate and exchange data with other managerial software.

Task Orchestration

Coordinate advanced tasks with conditional functions. The ability to assign, execute, and oversee multi-level tasks from one place is just a few of the many practical uses of automation in this skill.

Approval Management

Organizational inefficiencies are often related to latency and downtime associated with approval processes and internal controls. This automation skill empowers users to streamline their approach to approvals with applied rules and hierarchical conditions.

Institutional Onboarding

Streamline your entire onboarding processes. New hires, contractors, or vendors can all be managed and assigned roles and access permissions to automate the whole process.

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