Best Technology Practices for Modern Cannabis Growers & Retail Operators

Live Event • Tuesday, May, 18th • 12 PM EDT

Omar Khan

Senior Vice President - Corporate & Public Affairs -High Tide Inc.

Exclusive Guest Host

Zee Rizvi

Founder & CEO - Odesso

Sloane Berry

VP of Operations & CoFounder

Learn how to gain complete end-to-end visibility, automate existing technology, and attain in real-time a single source of truth to all your data.

The explosive growth of legalizing cannabis is happening at an unprecedented pace. Retail served as the primary driver of a 118% increase in Canada's recreational cannabis market in 2020 over 2019, and the U.S. contributed 46% growth to retail sales in 2020 over 2019.

With the explosive growth comes the intense demands, strict controls, and oversight at both the federal and state government levels. Capturing, tracking, tracing, and complete real-time end-to-end activities and transaction visibility are essential to maintain absolute compliance to survive and thrive in today's accelerated digital environments.

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About This Webinar

Live Event • Tuesday, May, 18th • 12 PM EDT

What You Will Learn:

  • Gain Complete End-to-End Visibility: Learn how to achieve the appropriate level of visibility internally and externally to gain complete visibility (raw materials to product end of life) with your end-to-end production and sales cycle.
  • Automate Existing Technology: Decouple and automate legacy technology constraints and compliance requirements through an orchestration layer to connect siloed systems and automate manual entry governance compliance processes to escalate efficiency, visibility, and remove manual entry errors.
  • Attain a Single Source of Truth with Your Data: Work with your data that updates in real-time to make informed decisions, meet expanding customer expectations, and allow internal workers to manage issues proactively to improve customer experience seamlessly.

Who Should Attend:

  • VP's of Retail, Operations, IT, and Manufacturing
  • Facility Managers, Production, and Transportation Managers
  • Specialized personnel including Quality-Control Inspector, Master Extractors, Lab Directors, Quality Managers, Concentrates Processors, Compliance Leads, Cultivation Directors, Master Growers

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