Odesso offers world class workflow automation tools and expertise that have been adopted by several Fortune 10 companies. We take pride in our boutique on-shore ability to remove operational barriers quickly through data-centric Appian automation.

Workflow Analytics

All business processes are unique, so their effective automation requires upfront analysis coupled with an agile implementation strategy. To achieve this, we deploy state-side consultants with deep understanding of Six Sigma techniques and Agile best practices guided by the following analytical phases:



the business problem coming from a position of customer empathy.



the business problem in a way that is quantifiable and trackable.



the process to identify the factors that contribute to its operation and look at historical performance metrics.



by varying the factors influencing the business process and testing which variations lead to better business performance.



the business outcome against verifiable metrics, functionality, performance and continuous improvement.

The outcome of the above analyses are well articulated, fully defined, groomed, estimated and approved user stories with clear and measurable success criteria.

Our workflow automation capability is rooted in agile transformation, and calibrated methodically to balance functionality vs. utilization. We are vehemently aware that an automated process is of no value until it is adopted. Therefore we use an appropriate amount of agile facilitation to complement any digital automation. Looking to tackle your lowest hanging fruit now while having a robust plan to remove your larger bottlenecks within weeks? Contact us and meet your team of Agile Six Sigma professionals with deep Appian development experience today.

Pod Formation

Odesso offers tactical Appian development + workflow automation services deployed in “Pod Formation”.

Each pod is has expertise that spans three disciplines.


Developer Architect

At the core of any Appian team is an experienced development acumen that spans decades - not years. Appian is a complex platform that requires a broad spectrum of subject matter expertise. Each Odesso Pod has a dedicated resource to:

Hands on development to deliver between 20-50 points of velocity per 2 week sprint

Provide guidance and education to business stakeholders on new innovations and techniques that can be utilized to solve problems (see IDP or RPA as an example)

Participation in Story estimation and Functional Elaboration

Architectural, application and data model design

Unit and SIT Testing

Compelling demonstrations (sprint demo’s) to gain approval or feedback from stakeholder(s) and product owner(s)

Custom Plugin Development for Non Standard Requirements.

Integration setup, securitization, testing and optimization (see our integrations section)

Data Aggregation (see our data aggregation services)

Deployment oversight & support.

Ability to work in Kanban formation for application support engagements, and Agile formation for application development engagements.


Governance Administrator

Governance is never one-size-fits-all. It's adapted to each customers’ organizational needs and agile culture. Each Odesso pod also includes a dedicated resource to:

Own and manage continuous improvement / continuous deployment (CI/CD) to ensure application deployments are centrally managed in accordance with organizational change controls

Create best practices and customized training to ensure each application team serves the organization’s wider goals and strategic objectives

Perform database administrative functions that include modeling, data refreshes, test data loading, data mapping, model definition and execute database backups / restores / deployments between environments

Track all code and database objects against each user story to maintain auditable traceability for each cross-environment change that's taken place

Proactive monitoring of Appian Health check reports to catch potential application problems

Proactive monitoring of Production alerts and notifications and actioning resolutions fast and effectively

Proactive monitoring of Performance Analytics for key Interfaces and Rules in all environments, and actioning resolution to performance problems

Ensuring prerequisites for any integrations or connected system are in hand before a developer is assigned a story thats dependent on a 3rd party service

Oversee user provisioning and access related issue resolution

Use 3rd party Application & Database monitoring tools (like Dynatrace or Splunk) to troubleshoot issues by analyzing Appian application, server and database logs

Provide L1, L2 or L3 support to an organization's service desk operations for all incidents or requests related to Appian applications

Provide administrative support to furnish individual teams with shared specialized resources that don’t make sense to manage full-time. For example, setting up an integration (see integrations) or making an app more performant (see apt)

Centralized management of licensing and upgrade management for project teams to ensure optimal license utilization

Maximize reuse from successful projects and identify shared components that have potential to add value in multiple projects

Review and approve applications prior to deploying them to production environments to ensure best practices are followed.

Evangelize Citizen Development and the culture of employee engagement to encourage organization-wide adoption.

Create templates of commonly used workflow types (for example, claims management or case management) to further accelerate application development.


Technical Delivery Manager

In the spirit of true agility, we’ve tightly coupled the skillsets of Workflow Analysis & Scrum Mastership into a unified Delivery Manager role, with a focus on:

Drafting user stories and acceptance criteria that are sufficiently groomed and approved by stakeholders

Ensuring all acceptance criteria are functionally defined enough for an Appian Development Architect resources to complete independently

Ensuring the Agile board is reflective of real-time statuses for each story or defect within that sprint.

Regular executive sprint and iteration status reporting.

Planning & Committing the next sprint’s scope in agreement with stakeholder priorities and developer capacity.

Regular reporting of metric based achievement of success and implementing learning from retrospective analyses.

Facilitate all sprint ceremonies in accordance with a customers’ agile culture to maximize engagement and participation.

Provide end-to-end quality assurance support by engaging with testing teams, supporting manual testing and setting up automated testing (using Fitnesse, Cucumber, etc)

Facilitating performance testing to baseline non-functional requirements (using Jmeter, etc)

What's under the hood?

Our Workflow Automation Expertise Includes:

Interface Design (SAIL)

Security & Access Implementation

BPMN Process Modeling

Data Design & Administration

(see Data Aggregator)

Business Rules Management Engine

Expression Rule Development & Optimization

Data Model & Data Entity Optimized Design

Records Design & Optimization

Dedicated Sites



Notification Orchestration

Mobile Mode (with Offline Capability)

Test Automation and Performance Testing

Performance Tuning

(see APT)

Ready to boost your Appian stack?

Appian is an amazing catalyst for digital transformation, but there are several expensive pitfalls encountered during its adoption.

Reach out today to get started on a tried and tested path backed by our decades of Appian experience.